Monday, December 11, 2006

Nicole Richie is at it Again

Nicole Richie was pulled over in Burbank while driving her black Mercedes SUV. She admitted she taken Vicodin and had smoking pot. It is just amazing to see how the industry of Hollywood is affected by drugs and it is also devastating. She had gotten out of rehab not to long ago and had claimed to being clean ever since. It is sad to see a figure that so many young girls watch and look up to fall once more, she should realize that she is a public figure and she need to avoid slip ups such as this one. The story doesn't end there when Nicole was weighed she weighed a mere 85 pound. Most kids weigh more than her, after denying anorexia so much it is ridiculous to continue, the numbers just don't lie. This also lead me to think whether the drugs have to do with the weight loss or does the weight loss have to do with the return of the drugs? All in all Nicole could have the potential of being a positive figure, after all she an inspirational story. She was adopted by Lionel Richie at the age of 9, Nicole and has been in prestigious schools of dance, acting and much more since then. She definitely had the resources that others don't but unfortunately she puts it to waste like so many young girls in Hollywood.

The Type of Media Consumer I am

At the beginning of this course I was asked what type of what type of media consumer I was then. Today it is easy to see the evolution and growth I have had since then. I am a news consumer. I like to watch the news as well as look for the latest news on the Internet. I have learned how to navigate the Internet and find things of my interest better than before. My interest include pop-culture, controversial subjects and anything that reports of social inequality in society. I have actually pulled away from television a lot, I simply have no time for it anymore. I am attracted to media available to me when I want it and that interest me. I am still into magazines but am also into journalist that have something substantial say. From time to time I look for articles in the Mercury Post that may catch my eye. Prior to this I had no clue how important it is to be selective with the media you consume. People magazine is just not cutting it anymore, I don't feel like paying for information which I can access immediately and with less hassle on the Internet. I no longer am interested on my space I want something better. I want entertainment, relevance, and importance all in one. I am looking to figures such as Anderson Cooper, Maria Elena Salinas and community leaders for my media.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Shopping a Bost for the Ecconomy...Not Quite

A part of the christmhas spirit has always been the inisiation to the frenzy of christmhas shoping the day after Thanksgiving. Millions of people hit the steets at wee hours of the morning to get those good holiday sales, I know I joined in. By doing so I only imagined how much money must be generated, after all the three hour lines should bee a sign of prosperity. It actually is and this year sales were up by by 19% from last year according to Breaking News at the Bangkok Post
How ever in spite of this contribution from the american people who spent an average of $316.00 the ecconomy is on a spiral down ward. The stock market continies to go down. The afected companies such as Ford Motor, Blue Chip and Google have drooped in the market. Part of this is dur to the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates to avoid inflation. The dollar has began to loose value, although it has been done for I good reason I can't help but feel disapointed. At a time when the consumer is at an all time high the numbers aren't reflecting it. The U.S. government is supposed to revise the third-quarter a slight growth. We the consumers of America will just have to wait and see the out come of this holiday season untill further notice.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Drug Addicted Doctors Operating on Me, No Way!

On MSN there is an article posted named Survive Your Doctor: The Junkie in the O.R. These findings were made in studies by John Booth, M.D., a former Duke University anesthesiologist, and Mark S. Gold, M.D., a psychiatry professor at the University of Florida's McKnight Brain Institute. It talks about the growing epidemic of anasteleologist becoming addicted to their own drugs. At fist I was completelly stuned but if you think about it it makes sence. Every one is deirectlly or indirectlly adicted to things at work. Doctors are not only working long hours and shifts but are under a lot of pressure. Yet I am outraged this is occuring! People in low paying jobs are enforced to tale drug test and are monitored to make sure things aren't taken from their jobs. I don't see how doctors are able to take advantage of these drugs. The doctors were geting these drugs free from work and geting away with it. It amazing to see that the same thing happens in all social classes, it's a mater of the drugs that are actually available.

Generation M, Do you know what it is?

I never new I was part of generation until I read this. It is anyone born between 1980 and 2000, so if you fall under that according to Chris Pearson a blogger, we are part of it. He apparently read it on a New York Times article by Betsy Israel named The Overconnecteds. The whole point of the article is explaining how now this new generation is using much more technological advances. We use the Internet, ipods, and have many more friends than probably our parents had at our age. Eighty seven percent of twelve to seventeen year olds are regularly on-line. I think that the whole idea of generation M is fairly accurate, we are living in a technological world. My question is how are we applying this technology? Sure we have these advances but is having three-hundred friends on my space considered having more friends than our parents did. Maybe we are loosing the quality of having a evening of productivity in the outdoors and having really true authentic friends. Regardless we cant avoid being part of this generation and maybe we should learn ways to use this technology to make the world a better place.

Monday, October 23, 2006

How's 24 years for Enron's CEO!

After a long awaited court ruling Skilling, Enron's CEO was sentenced to 24 years. This has been the longest sentence for financial fraud. I think Enron marked the dacade for fraud and deciet in business. As if employer relationships with their employees wasn't strained enough the leaders of this company just set a new bar of hipocracy in the office. I mean do you really trust who you work for? If the answer is yes then by all means stay where you are at. However if you doubt the actions of your company leaders by all means question them and find out on your own. Sherri Sera a former administrative assistant said, “I can’t state strongly enough, during 20 years, have I seen or heard anything that he was leading a massive conspiracy to mislead Enron shareholders and employees.” So as you may imagine people were believing all the lies put out by these corporate big shots. So that leads me to say that the world of business is a currupt place in America today. I agree with the massive sentence given to Jeffry Skilling it made a statement. Corporate America will be punished for fraud they are no beter than drugdealers in suits. They are liers, make decitfull statements, and are afecting the lives of everyone who invests in them.

Coca-Cola's #1 Idiots

So a young man named Dimsom and Edmund Duhaney decided that they could become overnight millionaires by stealing the secrets of their employer coca-cola and selling them to arch sales rival Pepsi. They decide to let in a secretary Ms. Williams in their master mind plan to become the next Bill Gates. And by all surprise their plan goes terribly wrong when Pepsi themselves rat them out. Maybe they might have gotten away with it if their buyer would have agreed to keeping their little secret. So now they face up to ten years in jail and 250,000 dollars in fines! Now if that doesn't make you think twice about back stabbing your company I don't know what will. I mean how valuable could the information be after all it is just a multi-million dollar company their advertising campaign, sample recipe and confidential information. Wow, it is amazing the types of crimes that happen today it is the stealing of information that pays the big bucks! Now that is why these three are Coca-Cola number one idiots!